Debian Day

postado no dia 16 de agosto de 2017 às 00:00, por OYS Academy
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Date(s) - 16/08/2017
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Organize a local Debian Day celebration

If you want to organize Debian Day for your city, we urge you to follow these instructions:

  • Select a place for the celebration that has:
    • Easy access
    • That have sufficient electrical outlets, if they want to do an install fest.
  • Sponsors: Ideally you should choose sponsors that don’t have links to private products.
  • Activities: some activities that you may wish to choose include:
    • Install Fest
    • Key signing party
    • Talks about:
      • Debian
      • Free Software
  • Advertising: If you have made some art for this event, share it with everybody! and put link for it here.

  • Create your Debian Day event page under the country of you’re living in. If your city doesn’t appear, can create the information necessary in the right space provided.
  • Go to DebianDay 2017 and share your details and links.

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